Monday, July 16, 2012

Lunette goes to Ottawa

On Friday I had to go to Ottawa and thought this would be a great time to 
take Lunette and show her Canada's Capitol

Ottawa is about 4 hours from us so we got ready for a road trip.

We stopped along the way to stretch our legs and to look at the lakes and rivers.

When we arrived downtown, we saw a Military band marching towards Parliament Hill

Many people had gathered in front of the Parliament buildings 

....looking over their heads we saw why.
The changing of the guards took place.

How cool is that??

 After watching the marching band and military drills performed by the Ceremonial Guard for a while we got hot and decided to go see the Rideau Canal
in the back of Parliament Hill.
In the winter it is the longest outdoor skating ring.

Lunette climbed on one of the cast iron fences to pose for a picture.

It was getting very hot and we spend the rest of our stay shopping in 
air conditioned stores 
and then made our way back home

We stopped along the way in Petawawa where our family lived years ago
to show Lunette the Ottawa River with all the little islands.
Can you see how dry the grass is?

We had a wonderful trip and Lunette enjoyed all the things she saw.
This week she will say good bye to us and Canada.
WI guess it's time to start packing ......

PS: You can click on all the pictures to see them bigger!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day

Lunette joined us on Sunday for Canada's 145th birthday celebrations.

We went down to the waterfront in the evening
where the sun was just disappearing ino a big cloud.

It was still very nice and not too hot or humid.
Lunette got ato ride in my backpack holding her Canada flag.
Many people gathered at the stage to hear local bands play.

Lunette had a great time watching the ducks with their ducklings on the lake.

When it got dark , around 10:00pm, we watched the beautiful fireworks.

A great finish to a wonderful relaxing day!