Sunday, January 20, 2013



Today Lunette went to the beach with Jenny and her family.
It has been a lovely warm summer and last time the family went to the seaside Lunette had to stay home.
This time she whinged and whined  until Jenny said yes, but no swimming.


Perhaps though if I show how good I am at floating in the swim ring she will let me...


Look I can even lie on my tummy and kick, please let me go in the water.


I will take off all my clothes and lie in the sun, 
I'll get really hot and then she will have to take me for a swim


But Jenny said no, no swimming for you Lunette, it isn't safe for little dolls
and then she just walked off to explore the beach


Hmmm, thought Lunette.
There's more than one way to swim at the seaside.

Lunette is now a champion sand swimmer.

swimming in the sand

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