Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Musk Ox Farm-Palmer, Alaska

Welcome to Palmer!

It was a beautiful day today and as you can tell from our last posting, Alaska is getting greener by the hour! Today we took a trip to Palmer, a town about 50 miles North of Anchorage. There are a lot of working farms and grassy pastures, the soil is rich and fertile and is known to produce some pretty large produce (award winning!).

While we were there, we stopped by the Musk Ox Farm where Lunette met some odd looking creatures!

Before long our fearless girl hopped right on and went for a ride, she is fast to make friends everywhere she goes!

Lunette liked the view from the window at the farm. You can't really see the Musk Ox herd in this picture, but they are out there!

~On the way back to Anchorage we stopped at Knik River for some rock skipping.~

Luckily, Evan allowed Lunette near the water this time without protest (but he held on tight).

Lunette helped Evan pick just the right stones to throw, she liked to watch rather than throw then herself.

It was a lovely day indeed!

**We will all be going on a long camping trip together so check back on Monday or Tuesday for pictures of Lunette's first ever camping trip!**

Thursday, May 19, 2011

If Willy Wonka met Yosemite Sam..

Then you would have Alaska Wildberry Products.

A place filled with floor to ceiling with yummy chocolates, jams and jellies made from a vast assortment of local berries and oh yeah... a 20 foot chocolate waterfall!

(Berrie, you might want to close your eyes!)

Turns out Lunette has a real sweet tooth so it wasn't long before we were at the  counter.


Two new friends for Lunette!

Look at our brave little girl sitting way up high.
 This is called an Inuksuk, rock monuments made by and used by the Inuit people.

There is also the Wildberry Park and Theater outside. It isn't open yet for the season but we poked around anyway.

Sliding down railings is fun too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bird Watching

 Adventures will happen, with or without the sunshine!

No longer wanting to wait for the sun to arrive; Evan, Lunnette and I headed down to the bird refuge to see if we could spy any of the many birds who are arriving back from their warmer weather vacations.
Alaska is just now leaving behind a long winter, and although most of our state is still covered in a brown blanket (white still for some places), we are slowly seeing a few signs of Spring popping up here and there.
The birds returning is a welcomed sight, a symbol that summer is right around the corner...finally!

Lunette comparing her own hands to a paw print of a bear. Don't worry, the bear who made this print was nowhere in sight.

It seems that the Swallows have taken over at the refuge right now, busily staking claim to the nest boxes provided at the refuge.

Some may be unimpressed by the "common" Swallow as we heard from a few visitors that day, but I love them! Swift, agile and they proudly flash feathers in one of my favorite colors. 

Lunette needed some help from Evan so she could see the birds too.

Evan was very concerned with Lunette's safety and well being and he honestly didn't trust that I could keep her safe at the refuge. This surprised me because I haven't seen him show so much concern for his own toys in the past, but he obviously can tell she is special and "mom, she belongs to someone!" I was able to snap a few shots of Lunette alone, but this upset Evan greatly. He said "mom, what if she falls?!" and I assured him that I would run right down and scoop her up immediately if that were to happen, but I am being very careful. "But what if she lands in some water down there?!" "you'd better just keep her in the bag" as he pushed her back into my tote, down real deep too "so she won't fall out, mom". 
I explained to him that Lunette is supposed to be taken out and having grand adventures with us while she is here and there are a lot of other families after us that she will visit too who will also be taking her out for adventures."Well, at least let me hold her for the pictures...just in case a bird knocks her down or somethin". Great!

Getting comfortable.

Lunette waving hello!


 Good job Evan!

What's that peeking over the right of the mountains? Hope for a brighter afternoon possibly!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome to Alaska Lunette!

Our sweet visitor has arrived here at the Morgan house and she is settling in nicely! She came bearing wonderful gifts from Washington, and some of the rain too it seems.
Alaskan adventures have been postponed a bit until it becomes a little dryer around town, but we are ready to show her where we live!

Here are some pictures from when she first arrived, a few of her new friends were here to welcome her with open arms.

A very excited little boy! Lunette came with a travel Diary that she will write about all her adventures in and her passport that is placed in a beautiful wool felt cover.

Even more excited over the gummies Lunette brought for him!

The goodies included: Washington Cherry & Blueberry Chocolate (all for ME!), Gummies for the boys, Tahini Sauce and wonderful smelling goats milk soap.

She is a great hugger!

Here she is with Little Emma, don't they look cute together! Mr. Red Hat was on loan for the girls to play with. Emma is the only Waldorf doll that I've ever purchased, she is made by the very talented and sweet Gabi Ford from Fairywool Dolls. The two of them together is too much!

She is a delight to have Lunette with us, if only for a short time!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What color is Lunette favorite?

While I am mulling around in my brain what I am going to make for Miss Lunette, I thought it would be good to know what is her favorite color?

I am looking forward to having her visit the great state of Virginia! :-)


Lunette has packed her bags

This brave little doll has packed her bags and is on the vacation of a lifetime. Lunette will travel from Washington State on up to Alaska. After she spends some time with Shannon and her family Lunette will be off to her next stop. Check in to see where this little one is and what her adventures are.