Sunday, May 13, 2012

A walk in the woods

Here in Northern Ontario spring is finally coming and then things go fast .
In no time it will be fall and winter again and nature has to get a lot done until then.
We took Lunette for a walk in the woods to show her the a few pretty
 things we have around here right now.

Little Maple leaves unfold on saplings

Trees get blossoms and new leaves.

Lunette saw the yellow flower first.....
It's a Trout Lily!

Oh look, a chipmunk sitting on a log.
Let's be very quiet and watch him!
 I think he was watching us too.

Around the next bend we saw a red /purple flower on the forest floor.
 Lunette can you count the count the leaves?

She got closer and started counting....1....2....3
3 leaves! 
That's a Trillium Lunette, and this one is a red Trillium!

Look there are more of them....

Aren't they pretty?

We saw a little birds nest in a tree as well. 
Maybe it will have baby birds in it soon.

A butterfly was warming up on a tree before flying off in search of flowers.

Close to the end of our walk we stopped for a little rest by this creek. 
It's so nice and peaceful in the woods. 
We all enjoyed it a lot!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lunette comes to my work..

Today when I went to work I got a big surprise when I opened my backpack.
This little lady hid in my backpack because she wanted to see where I was going.

So I showed her around the store.
She liked all the shiny pots.

I told her about the soda machines we sell and she was really impressed.
We carbonated some water and she tried the ice tea mix.
Lunette liked it.

I had to do some work and she found the new boxes with the popcorn maker that I still had to unpack.
She was really excited about them.

Lunette kept asking me if we could have popcorn, but I had to explain that we would 
have to wait until we get home.
For the rest of the afternoon she just tagged along and ask a lot of questions, but she was really good.

As promised I made her some popcorn and we watched a movie.
She loovvves popcorn!
I think tomorrow we will do some sewing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A very special day!!!

Today someone very special arrived in our house and guess what ?
It is her birthday today!!!

We got the whole gang together and sang her Happy Birthday !
Of course there was a little cake as well.


Her Moonie cousins sang her an extra special song they must have learned at their moms house.
They are so happy to see her and to hear about home and their mom and all the travels
 she has done already. 
There will be many stories to be told, I'm sure.

Well they sure liked the cake......
This is all that is left.....

It has been a long day for little Lunette and when I checked on her, she was already asleep.
Isn't she too cute?

 I'm so happy to have her visit us and hope Lunette enjoys her stay with us up here in Canada.