Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Musk Ox Farm-Palmer, Alaska

Welcome to Palmer!

It was a beautiful day today and as you can tell from our last posting, Alaska is getting greener by the hour! Today we took a trip to Palmer, a town about 50 miles North of Anchorage. There are a lot of working farms and grassy pastures, the soil is rich and fertile and is known to produce some pretty large produce (award winning!).

While we were there, we stopped by the Musk Ox Farm where Lunette met some odd looking creatures!

Before long our fearless girl hopped right on and went for a ride, she is fast to make friends everywhere she goes!

Lunette liked the view from the window at the farm. You can't really see the Musk Ox herd in this picture, but they are out there!

~On the way back to Anchorage we stopped at Knik River for some rock skipping.~

Luckily, Evan allowed Lunette near the water this time without protest (but he held on tight).

Lunette helped Evan pick just the right stones to throw, she liked to watch rather than throw then herself.

It was a lovely day indeed!

**We will all be going on a long camping trip together so check back on Monday or Tuesday for pictures of Lunette's first ever camping trip!**


  1. What a beautiful trip she's making! And what a good friend Evan is.

    Have fun on the camping trip!


  2. What a wonderful and fun post! Photos and just lovely and you even got her to sit on a Ram's horn!!!! This was fun to read! How long is she staying with you?

  3. Wow! Lunette and Evan are so adventurous! They will certainly miss one another when they part. Evan will need to travel with her most likely.