Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Prince Trueheart


There are lots of cats at this house but Lunette loves Badger the best. 
He is the only boy cat
and she thinks he is a prince.

Prince Trueheart.

He keeps his tuxedo so bright and clean, his long white whiskers are always sparkling 
and he loves a smooch and a cuddle.


His sister, Shackleton, spends her time finding the ultimate hiding spot 
and Lunette cannot catch her or even find her.


Old Phoebe, the black cat thinks she is a statue and will put up with anything. 
Not much fun to cuddle though as she likes to hold onto the object of her affection with her claws and Lunette doesn't want a claw in her leg.

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And the elusive Miss Maggie; so soft, so pretty and so difficult to catch, always just out of reach,
 taunting poor little Lunette.

So she is in love with Badger, Prince Trueheart.

I  haven't dared to tell her he is quite fickle with his love, any doll will do when a cat needs a cuddle.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

in the countryside...


Yesterday we all went to visit a lovely country garden.
The countryside here in Tasmania is very fresh and green and there are lots and lots of buttercups growing with the grass in the fields.
We passed lots of sheep and cows and trees and cottages.


The garden was very pretty with  beautiful flowers and trees
 and even a little creek at the bottom of the garden 
with some very strange dragonflies flitting around.


Poor Jenny got a leech on her leg and it sucked lots of blood  and grew very big and fat.
 I was sooooo glad that I was being carried and didn't have to be down with the leeches.
I was also glad the very friendly dog, Coco didn't get to carry me away like she wanted to. 
Oh dear.


I did get to sit with the wallabies though but they weren't very fluffy,
 I don't think they were real but they seemed to like me.


We had to take a break from the sunshine because it was getting very warm and we sat on the seat and ate some lunch.

We saw lots of very busy bees.
 They were stumbling around in the flowers as though they had been drinking too much fizzy cordial.


We saw some fairy wrens too and I'm sure I saw a little jenny wren
 but they were too quick for us to take a picture of, 
they were just near this fence post though.


I'm so glad my new best friend held my hand while I sat on the fence because there is prickly barbed wire near my feet and and electric wire behind me and some big cows in the paddock too.

I think the countryside would  be a little dangerous for a tiny world traveller if she didn't have a new best friend.
I am having a wonderful time though so don't worry about me. 
There are lots of other doll children here who I will introduce you to when Jenny takes some pictures and Jenny has lots of books and toys and cats, too many cats and chickens and a duck and garden full of flowers and birds and trees and a pond.
I like it here.