Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Visit to the Cabbage Patch

You cannot be a special travelling doll visiting the state of Georgia without paying a visit to Babyland General, the birthplace of the Cabbage Patch Dolls.  It is quite an event!

There were so many dolls to look at. 

These are the 1st two dolls made by Mr. Xavier Roberts.  We were told he still hand signs the cloth dolls.  His signature on the dolls' bums is what inspired me to put an apple on my dolls!  Can you see how much they are worth now?  Wowsers.

All of the cloth dolls here are hand made by local artists. 


An original Andy Warhol painting hangs in one of the nurseries.  Lots of famous people have visited here over the years.

The Great Cabbage Patch, where baby dolls are born. 

Lots of fun!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Anna Ruby

We decided to take Lunette to go and see Anna Ruby.  "Who is Anna Ruby?"  Lunette wondered.  The girls packed her up in the papoose, so she knew we were in for quite a trip! 

And Nanci came along for the ride.  That Nanci, always loves to be in the middle of everything. 

We stopped at a placard and the girls started reading it out loud.  Turns Our Anna Ruby is a waterfall in The north Georgia mountains, near the start of the Chattahoochee River.  "This is going to be so cool!"  Nanci exclaimed.   Lunette just giggled. 

"Is this Anna Ruby Falls?"  Lunette asked.  Nanci giggled.

"Is THIS Anna Ruby Falls?"  Lunette asked again.  The girls said, "No, not yet, we have to climb a
little more."

Lunette was getting really excited.  "IS THIS ANNA RUBY FALLS?!?"  She yelled.  It was getting louder.  "Patience Lunette," the girls answered, "Almost there."

This is Anna Ruby Falls.  Breathtaking. 

Hmmm.... wonder what those two are whispering about?  Wait until they see where we are going next!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Different Kind of Mountain

There are some interesting things to do in Atlanta.  One of the most unique local attractions is Stone Mountain.  The girls were all excited at the chance to show Lunette something a little different from what she has experienced to date.   "What is a Stone Mountain?" Lunette asked.  "Let me show you," I whispered.... we tucked her in, safe and sound, in our papoose and set off.

"That... is a Stone Mountain!"

It is a large granite mountain.  They say only about 1% of the rock is exposed, the rest is underground.  There is a carving on the front depicting some Civil War generals (this is the Southern U.S. after all!) and they say you can park 3 school buses on the back of General Lee's horse. 

"So, how will we get to the top?  Hike?" Lunette asked from the comfort of her papoose.  We had a surprise for her... we were going to take a ride :)

Did I mention that I hate heights and tiny spaces?  Sigh.  Lunette and the girls were very brave. 

Phew!  Made it to the top...

And boy, what a view!

You can even see part of the Downtown Atlanta skyline.

We played and explored a bit at the top of the mountain, but it was getting cold.  Yes, 55 degrees Fahrenheit is cold in the south.  So it was time to head back down.  Did I mention I hated heights and tiny spaces?

We made it back down, safe and sound.  We made one more stop... more about that later.  I think Lunette had a really fun time :)

xoxo Debra

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Visit to the Apple Tree House

The girls at the Apple Tree House were so excited to be included in Lunette's journeys around the globe.  When we got home one afternoon and discovered a box from dear Gabi, we could hardly wait to get it opened, and of course Brambleberrie, our beloved Moonchild Doll, was eager with anticipation as she had never met her older sister.

We quickly got Lunette out of her travelling container and everyone gathered around to hear all about her adventures.

Lunette was famished and a bit tired, and needed to get cleaned up a bit...

For a special Welcome Lunette tea party in her honor

Fancy Nanci (the little carrot top) is quite a hostess.  From left to right we have Baby Debra (from Fairywool Dolls), Brambleberrie (from Moonchild Dolls), Fancy Nanci and Moira (made by me) and Cady (from Tumbleberry Toys).  It was quite an event.

Brambleberrie and Lunette held hands the whole time...

We are so happy to have Lunette here in Atlanta and have some fun stuff planned, so stay tuned!

xoxo Debra Ѽ

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunette is ready for the Sunshine State

she wastes not a moment I was looking all over and she was already sitting in the car ready to go
    look who has come for a visit to St. Petersburg Florida Lunette is such a sweet little thing and it is my honor to have her staying with me I think Lunette must think she's the mighty alligator Hunter she has no fear and once to go to the national parks d caption
she took a picture of this awesome mushroom because it reminded her of her moonchild mom's Oh the stories she's going to tell her More to come!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Camping and other outings.....

Well, after all the bad weather, we thought we would go camping at our favorite place...... Pocohantas State Park. But it just would not stop raining and the thought of 3 dogs and 2 adults with a little doll in a 20' foot Airstream  was just too crowded. That didn't stop Miss Lunette from trying to go anyway.  Silly girl you can't travel that way. 

 So then she decided to try and climb in the trailer by herself.....just a little shove she said.

So since the camping trip was a wash, we decided it would be fun to go to a little lake in the area. Lunette begged to have her little buddy Remy go along. I know she just wanted a "partner in crime" but we said okay.
Checking out the area.....
 Look Lunette, I can see ducks.....let's go feed them.
 Getting a closer look.
 This is just nice.

Now, how did you two getup here......I know, cheeky little Lunette has learned how to climb really well and has taught Remy how to also.

Lunette had a lot of fun in Virginia even though she didn't get to do all the fun stuff that we had planned for her.   With lots of hugs and a new outfit she is now on her way to Gabi in Florida. She is very excited to  go to a new home.  Safe travels dear Lunette, I shall miss you. <3<3<3

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes...oh my!

Well, after quite  a while in a box  the adorable Miss Lunette arrived from the beautiful Province of Ontario, Canada to the state of Virginia.  She was wearing the cutest little outfit with a handknit sweater. That came flying off as she whined about how hot it was here. Then she proceeded to climb my mandevilla plant teasing me to come catch her. Did you learn that from you Fabs?

Then she decided that I had the coolest ponies around..... and even though I told her they were golden retriever dogs she decided she needed to ride one.  She choose Brodie, the most laid back dog of the bunch.
She found it a little tricky and she was so tired from her travels that it was time to settle in for a nap. What could be better than soft dog fur. :-)

She was a big hit with the doggies.

But then something happened that was so scary....." what  was that , why was the earth moving?" she yelled.  I  told her that  think we just had an earthquake.....goodness, I was surprised myself. We don't have earthquakes like this in Virginia. Then we got another little scare....they spotted tornadoes in my area. We do have lots of tornado warning in the summer here. I reassured her that we would all go into the little bathroom if it got close.....well, 3 dogs and a fluffy lady with a sweet little doll was going to be a bit crowded in the  tiny bathroom , so we were glad that we didn't have to seek shelter.

And then the scariest thing of all happened a few days later.  It was called Hurricane Irene and boy were the dogs and Lunette a little worried. We sat in the sunroom and watch the wind, rain and trees moving and were scared and fascinated at the same time. Brodie told Lunette not to worry he would take good care of her.
Lunette by this time was ready to get back in the box and go back to either Alaska or Canada. I told her just wait as soon as it stops raining we are going camping. "Yippee!" she yelled, I know all about camping. But does she get to go on the fun camping trip.....does the rain stop....tune in tomorrow to find out.
Cathy and Lunette