Monday, June 6, 2011

Bon Voyage Sweet Lunette!

We will miss having you here with us and we wish you all the best for all the new adventures soon to come your way!

*Fabs, I'm so sorry....Evan just couldn't squeeze himself into the box with Lunette. He sends big bear hugs "all the ladies who like him".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lunette Visits The Alaska Zoo

We snuck in one more activity before it is time to say goodbye, The Alaska Zoo. The local wildlife wasn't coming out much for Lunette so we went off to our local zoo who mostly houses Alaskan animals who have been injured or orphaned, give or take a tiger or two.

With map in hand Evan and Lunette led the way..

..and first up were the seals,

and then the Polar bears..

one was giving a show, and the other..

not so much.

Lunette liked all the pretty flowers planted at the zoo.

What's that peeking around the tree?

There were Musk Oxen here too, we thought this was the cutest baby Musk Ox until we walked down a little more and saw.....

..these two! Teeny-tiny fluffiness! Now who could ever resist those faces? You can read more about how they arrived at the zoo here. (it had something to do with creatures like the one below)

Brown Bears..acting a bit like the Polar bears, one was very active while the other..

..not so much.

This old gal who is a Sitka deer may not look all that interesting, but while most of this species only lives to be around ten years old, this one is EIGHTEEN!! If she can hang in there for another two years she will have doubled her life expectancy.

We couldn't get too close to this adorable baby, but what a sight! Look at this cute little girl's silhouette when she stands, belly and bum. You can read more about her here, unfortunately she won't be staying with us. 

At the end of the day we came across the strangest creatures of all! I've never seen anything like these two before in my life...
The Lunette-a-boo..

and a silly Evan-oose.
(what a face!)

Kuspuk for Lunette

Yumm...blueberry snack!
(Lunette's hair has actually "grown" while she has been with us, I was even able to put in braids!)

Lunette just couldn't leave Alaska without getting her very own Kuspuk! So off to the sewing machine I went. A Kuspuk is a traditional Yupik garment worn over other clothing, like a hoodie jacket combined with a dress (men's Kuspuk are straight like a tunic without a ruffle). Traditionally they are made using cotton calico and rick-rack and have large pockets in the front.  They are very comfortable to wear and I wore one that resembles Lunette's when I was just a little girl.

I think she fits in very well in Alaska, don't you?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lunette's Camping Adventure at Skilak Lake

What a fun camping trip we all had! The weather was so nice, we decided to extend our trip.
Lunette was a wonderful sport the whole time and even braved a new activity while we were gone, Kayaking!


(For those who may be concerned don't worry, Lunette's flotation devise is safely under her clothing!)

Tyler led the way...

Lunette was on the look out for wildlife!

We were hoping to spy some bears or maybe a moose, both are very common in the area, but but these two were the only critters who came out to say "Hello", although I think they were more annoyed than happy to see us..*sigh*..seagulls, what more can I say. 

When we returned to the beach, a friend had made the cutest pirate ship for Evan. Just look at that wee pirate on board....Arrggg!

Time to set sail Matey!

The weather was perfect so we stayed longer than planned!

And soon it will be time to say goodbye to sweet Lunette, we sure will miss her.