Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lunette's Camping Adventure at Skilak Lake

What a fun camping trip we all had! The weather was so nice, we decided to extend our trip.
Lunette was a wonderful sport the whole time and even braved a new activity while we were gone, Kayaking!


(For those who may be concerned don't worry, Lunette's flotation devise is safely under her clothing!)

Tyler led the way...

Lunette was on the look out for wildlife!

We were hoping to spy some bears or maybe a moose, both are very common in the area, but but these two were the only critters who came out to say "Hello", although I think they were more annoyed than happy to see us..*sigh*..seagulls, what more can I say. 

When we returned to the beach, a friend had made the cutest pirate ship for Evan. Just look at that wee pirate on board....Arrggg!

Time to set sail Matey!

The weather was perfect so we stayed longer than planned!

And soon it will be time to say goodbye to sweet Lunette, we sure will miss her.


  1. Looks like you had an amazing adventure! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  2. The lake is BEAUTIFUL! The water so blue and calm. What a wonderful vacation. Lunette is such a lucky girl to be able to tag along. Well done Shannon!

  3. she has been so lucky to spend such an awesome time with Pinecone Gnome family, I hope we can match your adventurous spirit and imbue her with the many sounds and smells of Canada as well. I feel so lucky myself to form part of her traveling itinerary!!