Monday, June 25, 2012

Lunette in the garden....

Lunette came to see my little garden.
There isn't that much to see since we just moved here last fall, 
but she did not care and showed a lot of interest in the flowers

She was fascinated by the Fushias.
They look so pretty with their two color blossoms and almost like made out of plastic.

I never had a rosebush in my garden before .
It's so exciting to see how well it is doing.

 Lunette loves the pink flowers, but was careful not to touch the thorns.

 She was wondering what was planted in this container and I explained that they are Morning Glories,
that have been in our family for many,many years. 
They are self seeding and can survive even Canadian winters.
The container was too tall for her to look in so I had to lift her up to see the seedlings.

I showed Lunette a picture of what they will look like in a few weeks.

She climbed onto our hanging strawberries to get a better look and almost fell off!
I just caught her in time.....
There's nothing better then fresh strawberries !!

Lunette wanted me to take a picture of her with the daisies. 
Did you know that it's her favorite flower?
We share the love for all daisy shape flowers!
They are so much taller then she is.  :0)

I still wanted her to pose for a picture among the yellow flowers in our backyard.

It's a field of yellow and orange Hawkweed.
Still very pretty,don't you think?


  1. jijijiji...that Lunette sure loves to be outside, doesn't she?

  2. Our sweet Lunette is in Canada how wonderful to see her so happy give her big hug from us Sue

  3. What a wonderful day Lunette had!!