Friday, September 16, 2011

Camping and other outings.....

Well, after all the bad weather, we thought we would go camping at our favorite place...... Pocohantas State Park. But it just would not stop raining and the thought of 3 dogs and 2 adults with a little doll in a 20' foot Airstream  was just too crowded. That didn't stop Miss Lunette from trying to go anyway.  Silly girl you can't travel that way. 

 So then she decided to try and climb in the trailer by herself.....just a little shove she said.

So since the camping trip was a wash, we decided it would be fun to go to a little lake in the area. Lunette begged to have her little buddy Remy go along. I know she just wanted a "partner in crime" but we said okay.
Checking out the area.....
 Look Lunette, I can see ducks.....let's go feed them.
 Getting a closer look.
 This is just nice.

Now, how did you two getup here......I know, cheeky little Lunette has learned how to climb really well and has taught Remy how to also.

Lunette had a lot of fun in Virginia even though she didn't get to do all the fun stuff that we had planned for her.   With lots of hugs and a new outfit she is now on her way to Gabi in Florida. She is very excited to  go to a new home.  Safe travels dear Lunette, I shall miss you. <3<3<3

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  1. Oh Cathy! You are so lucky to have had a visit from Lunette! It looks like you all had fun!