Saturday, September 10, 2011

Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes...oh my!

Well, after quite  a while in a box  the adorable Miss Lunette arrived from the beautiful Province of Ontario, Canada to the state of Virginia.  She was wearing the cutest little outfit with a handknit sweater. That came flying off as she whined about how hot it was here. Then she proceeded to climb my mandevilla plant teasing me to come catch her. Did you learn that from you Fabs?

Then she decided that I had the coolest ponies around..... and even though I told her they were golden retriever dogs she decided she needed to ride one.  She choose Brodie, the most laid back dog of the bunch.
She found it a little tricky and she was so tired from her travels that it was time to settle in for a nap. What could be better than soft dog fur. :-)

She was a big hit with the doggies.

But then something happened that was so scary....." what  was that , why was the earth moving?" she yelled.  I  told her that  think we just had an earthquake.....goodness, I was surprised myself. We don't have earthquakes like this in Virginia. Then we got another little scare....they spotted tornadoes in my area. We do have lots of tornado warning in the summer here. I reassured her that we would all go into the little bathroom if it got close.....well, 3 dogs and a fluffy lady with a sweet little doll was going to be a bit crowded in the  tiny bathroom , so we were glad that we didn't have to seek shelter.

And then the scariest thing of all happened a few days later.  It was called Hurricane Irene and boy were the dogs and Lunette a little worried. We sat in the sunroom and watch the wind, rain and trees moving and were scared and fascinated at the same time. Brodie told Lunette not to worry he would take good care of her.
Lunette by this time was ready to get back in the box and go back to either Alaska or Canada. I told her just wait as soon as it stops raining we are going camping. "Yippee!" she yelled, I know all about camping. But does she get to go on the fun camping trip.....does the rain stop....tune in tomorrow to find out.
Cathy and Lunette


  1. I am so glad you are all safe and that Brodie was there to look after her

  2. Dear God! have you had excitement or what Lunette? no more boring, plain old life in silly's all about the forces of nature down there in Virginia!! cheese Louise ;-)