Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Visit to the Apple Tree House

The girls at the Apple Tree House were so excited to be included in Lunette's journeys around the globe.  When we got home one afternoon and discovered a box from dear Gabi, we could hardly wait to get it opened, and of course Brambleberrie, our beloved Moonchild Doll, was eager with anticipation as she had never met her older sister.

We quickly got Lunette out of her travelling container and everyone gathered around to hear all about her adventures.

Lunette was famished and a bit tired, and needed to get cleaned up a bit...

For a special Welcome Lunette tea party in her honor

Fancy Nanci (the little carrot top) is quite a hostess.  From left to right we have Baby Debra (from Fairywool Dolls), Brambleberrie (from Moonchild Dolls), Fancy Nanci and Moira (made by me) and Cady (from Tumbleberry Toys).  It was quite an event.

Brambleberrie and Lunette held hands the whole time...

We are so happy to have Lunette here in Atlanta and have some fun stuff planned, so stay tuned!

xoxo Debra Ѽ


  1. yeah!!! she is having the time of her life !!

  2. Doesn't she look cute in her shower cap. The tea party looks like so much fun, I bet your girls had fun

  3. What sweet lovely bunch! And what an adventure for Lunette:)