Friday, November 18, 2011

A Different Kind of Mountain

There are some interesting things to do in Atlanta.  One of the most unique local attractions is Stone Mountain.  The girls were all excited at the chance to show Lunette something a little different from what she has experienced to date.   "What is a Stone Mountain?" Lunette asked.  "Let me show you," I whispered.... we tucked her in, safe and sound, in our papoose and set off.

"That... is a Stone Mountain!"

It is a large granite mountain.  They say only about 1% of the rock is exposed, the rest is underground.  There is a carving on the front depicting some Civil War generals (this is the Southern U.S. after all!) and they say you can park 3 school buses on the back of General Lee's horse. 

"So, how will we get to the top?  Hike?" Lunette asked from the comfort of her papoose.  We had a surprise for her... we were going to take a ride :)

Did I mention that I hate heights and tiny spaces?  Sigh.  Lunette and the girls were very brave. 

Phew!  Made it to the top...

And boy, what a view!

You can even see part of the Downtown Atlanta skyline.

We played and explored a bit at the top of the mountain, but it was getting cold.  Yes, 55 degrees Fahrenheit is cold in the south.  So it was time to head back down.  Did I mention I hated heights and tiny spaces?

We made it back down, safe and sound.  We made one more stop... more about that later.  I think Lunette had a really fun time :)

xoxo Debra


  1. That is SO cool! I am so jealous of little Lunette! I have always wanted to see Stone Mountain!