Monday, December 12, 2011

Anna Ruby

We decided to take Lunette to go and see Anna Ruby.  "Who is Anna Ruby?"  Lunette wondered.  The girls packed her up in the papoose, so she knew we were in for quite a trip! 

And Nanci came along for the ride.  That Nanci, always loves to be in the middle of everything. 

We stopped at a placard and the girls started reading it out loud.  Turns Our Anna Ruby is a waterfall in The north Georgia mountains, near the start of the Chattahoochee River.  "This is going to be so cool!"  Nanci exclaimed.   Lunette just giggled. 

"Is this Anna Ruby Falls?"  Lunette asked.  Nanci giggled.

"Is THIS Anna Ruby Falls?"  Lunette asked again.  The girls said, "No, not yet, we have to climb a
little more."

Lunette was getting really excited.  "IS THIS ANNA RUBY FALLS?!?"  She yelled.  It was getting louder.  "Patience Lunette," the girls answered, "Almost there."

This is Anna Ruby Falls.  Breathtaking. 

Hmmm.... wonder what those two are whispering about?  Wait until they see where we are going next!


  1. jijijii...Lunette does get impatient, eh? can't wait to see where you take her next!!

  2. So beautiful and so cute especially that last picture with Nanci whispering.

  3. love it! The photos are awesome. What a gorgeous place you live.