Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A very special day!!!

Today someone very special arrived in our house and guess what ?
It is her birthday today!!!

We got the whole gang together and sang her Happy Birthday !
Of course there was a little cake as well.


Her Moonie cousins sang her an extra special song they must have learned at their moms house.
They are so happy to see her and to hear about home and their mom and all the travels
 she has done already. 
There will be many stories to be told, I'm sure.

Well they sure liked the cake......
This is all that is left.....

It has been a long day for little Lunette and when I checked on her, she was already asleep.
Isn't she too cute?

 I'm so happy to have her visit us and hope Lunette enjoys her stay with us up here in Canada.


  1. Oh Sue. That last picture almost brings tears to my eyes. Mr H and I are oohing and aaaahing.

  2. What a lovely party!!!! I am glad she arrived in time for the celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday Lunette. So many lovely friends to play with you lucky girl.

  4. Happy birthday! can't wait to see more photos of you back in Canada again!! and thank you Sue, for celebrating with her such a special occasion :-)

  5. This is so cute....I can hardly stand it! Love that you captured her special day! Happy Birthday Lunette!