Sunday, May 13, 2012

A walk in the woods

Here in Northern Ontario spring is finally coming and then things go fast .
In no time it will be fall and winter again and nature has to get a lot done until then.
We took Lunette for a walk in the woods to show her the a few pretty
 things we have around here right now.

Little Maple leaves unfold on saplings

Trees get blossoms and new leaves.

Lunette saw the yellow flower first.....
It's a Trout Lily!

Oh look, a chipmunk sitting on a log.
Let's be very quiet and watch him!
 I think he was watching us too.

Around the next bend we saw a red /purple flower on the forest floor.
 Lunette can you count the count the leaves?

She got closer and started counting....1....2....3
3 leaves! 
That's a Trillium Lunette, and this one is a red Trillium!

Look there are more of them....

Aren't they pretty?

We saw a little birds nest in a tree as well. 
Maybe it will have baby birds in it soon.

A butterfly was warming up on a tree before flying off in search of flowers.

Close to the end of our walk we stopped for a little rest by this creek. 
It's so nice and peaceful in the woods. 
We all enjoyed it a lot!