Monday, September 24, 2012

Meeting the natives

Lunette has had a quiet time so far. With much sickness in the house, getting out and about has been difficult. Today we went for a wander in the garden and found some very interesting mushroom folk.

"Um.. she isn't going to eat me, right?"
No Lunette, Jill won't eat you.

"Oh! A fairy!"


  1. Oh Lunette , aren't mushrooms wonderful?
    We miss you little girl.
    Glad to see you made new friends already.

  2. What a dear little dog and such a sweet doggie name, Jill. Lucky Lunette , finding a fairy.

  3. fairies are quite magical Lunette, you have been chosen to see one! and that mushrooms looks too scrumptious!!

  4. Lunette is having such lovely adventures!!!! What a lucky little doll!