Sunday, October 28, 2012

welcome to the playroom

Just after lunch today when I was sitting in the back garden knitting I heard the dog next door barking crazily which usually means that the parcel postman is coming to my house.
Today there were four parcels, two with mohair yarn for dolly hair, one with mohair wefts for dolly hair and one box full of magic and love and a little doll called Lunette.

I gave her a hug and checked that she was all in one piece and then we opened the other parcels.
She took some convincing that I wasn't about to give her new hair with all the makings of dolly hair all around us but once I had  placed her cute new crown on her head  she was happy and we went out to the garden for a little look around

She blew on the dandelion and figured it was around 2.30.
She managed to stay awake until my daughter came home from school and then I could see she was getting sleepy, it had been a big day.

We popped her into her pretty pyjamas and showed her the cosy bed. 
She climbed in cuddling her snuggly bear blankie and made sure there was a spot for rabbit as well, and butterfly. 
I'm sure I saw her sleepy eyes open a little wider when she saw all the books and toys and caught sight of all the other girls waiting to meet her up on the window seat but that will have to wait.

First a story.
Charlie has decided she is Lunette's big sister and she read her the new Belle and Boo story book

Lunette's eyelids were getting heavier and heavier.
Charlie told her about all the adventures the dollies have in the playroom.
Lunette smiled a sleepy little smile, she was going to like this place.
Charlie tiptoed away.

Have a lovely sleep sweetie


  1. you are such an amazing story teller!

  2. Aw! the poor sweetie...all jet lagged! Now, who made her bunny? Emma?? I know the bear blanker was made by Sue, she sure looks cozy. Oh! I can't wait for her to meet all the other girls Jenny, and the chooks!! so excited :-)

  3. The bunny is still the mystery. It came with her to my house already.....
    What a sweet picture to see her with Charlie and all snuggled in bed.

  4. OH! So lovely! Jenny it is just magical in the playroom.