Monday, July 25, 2011

By the lake

I have written before about my complete infatuation (is there any other kind?) with the place where we live, due to the amazing lake we have right in front of us. And even though I dont want to rub it in Cathy, I would love to express it one more time over here.

Lunette is definitely a water baby. Being born on an island I presume she has much affinity with bodies of water, and she does seem to be happiest when close to the lake. We took her camping for four glorious days and the whole time she was one happy trooper.


The first morning she and I got up before everybody, and put some water to boil so Dad could brew us some coffee with his steam-punk contraption (I refuse to go near that thing!). While we left the thing warming up, we went to check out the beach. Our campsite was just next to it, which made for the loveliest lullaby at night. The rocking sound of the waves is the best sleep medicine and the best balm for troubled hearts I suppose.

The day was just starting to look like a glorious adventure. Lunette enjoyed the wetness of the sand, the quietness of the beach, the smell of the breeze on the fresh grass.

We returned back to camp to enjoy the many activities that happen when we go camping. As it was expected, the Sun beamed on us and so we had to change Lunette's wardrobe. Her current overalls do not have (yet) sleeves and I was dreading the sunburnt shoulders, so we changed her (again) into some of our doll clothes. She seemed happy and did say something about looking pretty in pink. I believe she looks pretty in everything!

We took a shot at the Visitors' centre. People reacted quite funny to a crazy lady taking photos of a cute little doll on all of the centre's displays, but we did not pay any notice. We are soooo used to it. I am some sort of an oddball, with my dollmaking ways and funny things I do to take photos of them. Good thing Lunette seems to be oblivious to all of it too. Good girl!

She became quite interested on the pelts on display and asked the names of everything. I had to giggle thinking about her soon-to-be-hostess, and her aversion to hurting any animals, while I was sitting Lunette on some pretty dead ones. I hope she forgives me!

We also took a little hike, on the Dune trail. The part she liked the best was the alvears, and requested I took photos of how little she was against the tall grasses. I told her that even though these trees are not as tall or as chunky as the ones on the west coast, but Holy, are they ever ancient!. The growing season is so small in the boreal forest that it takes really long for these trees to reach the heights they've achieved, making them a sought-after material as their wood is the best hardwood there is. She didnt care about any of it, but instead said they "all smell so pretty Fabs", and I had to agree. The woods here smell sweet. Sweet with the smell of Cedar, Birch, Pine and Poplar.

Knowing that her mother really loves mushrooms, she jumped and giggled when she saw the most beautiful collection of amanita muscaria (variation formosa)...sorry but had to write it all in. This variation of the sempiternal red cap mushrooms that Berrie so loves, are huge, and Lunette took great pride in sitting right next to it.

Overall we had great fun, we roasted the traditional marshmallows, we built sand castles and lean-tos, we play hide and seek and took turns sitting on the hammock, we played tunes and ate good food. We rested under a beautiful boreal canopy, sung to sleep by the motion of the waters of Lake Superior. We love going camping and I think Lunette is definitely hooked.


  1. OMG.....I will just trade places with Lunette! I think you live in one of the prettiest places ever. To have that view everyday would be a dream come true for me. Now the animal pelts and butterflies....not so much! LOL

  2. Just so fantastic Fabs. I am glad the whole family had a lovely time. The mushrooms! Oh the mushrooms!

  3. I love love love the little picture of Lunette sitting on the sand with her sweet shadow so big beside her.... very fun!

  4. Wonderful pictures, Fab! Lunette is certainly having fun in your neck of the woods!

  5. Aimee, that picture on the sand is my very favourite of this group. Although I am quite smitten with her and I think I have around 250 shots of her already ;-)

  6. These pics and stories are just so cool!