Monday, July 11, 2011

Lunette's arrival to Canada

Wow! Did we ever have to wait for her to come and visit!. We were all getting worried about her, and thinking how famished she was going to be when she was finally able to come out of her little box. And, boy oh boy, was I ever surprised to not find a little box as I expected, but a huge box, full of loveliness, generosity and little quirks that speak of the amazing nature of our Alaskan family. Thank you so much Shannon for all this kindness. We were reassured, one more time, that there is so much goodness in the world, and that dolls really unite people the world over!.

So after we oh! and ah! over the magnificent contents of the parcel, we set out to read her journals, check out her passport, snuggle and cuddle. There was much cuddling to be had as she is one of the most cuddly little dolls I've ever held in my arms. My daughters are quite smitten with her, and have placed requests for Christmas dolls already.

They suggested we took her to the play room, to see if our doll clothes fit her, and having such an array of handmade goodness, we were sure to find something special for her to wear at home. Once changed out of her travel clothes we fed her. Good food. A bowl of handmade blueberries and a big slice of felt cake. She was stuffed!

Kate (our in-house Moonchild doll, that was also given to us!) was so relieved and happy to see her. You should have seen them, they just couldn't stop hugging each other and giggling.

We are so happy to be hosting Lunette and plan on taking her on little and big adventures while she is with us. The love that Berrie and her daughters put into this little one, by sending her out into the world, and the love that Evan and Shannon shared with her while she was with them, is so palpable, so visible and so heart-warming, that I think the last recipient of this sweet doll is going to fall on the floor from so much goodness.

Stay tuned for the first Canadian chapter of her travels.


  1. Yay! Lunette made it to Canada! I've been eagerly awaiting her arrival. Just love the photo of Lunette and Kate together. So heartwarming!

  2. I absolutely love this! What a sweet adventure for us all to follow! My little Lola just asked if she was coming to Lawrence : )

  3. Awwww Lunette. She looks great after being cooped up in the box for so long. I wonder if she tucked into any of the treats that Shannon sent. Read a book maybe? She is such a hearty little girl.

  4. Oh thank goodness she finally arrived! I'll admit, breaking into the Canadian post did cross my mind at one point in time, but then I quickly came to my senses. Looks like she is already having a wonderful time at your house and what a lucky girl to have two little cuties to give her hugs and kisses throughout her stay.

  5. I am so glad that she arrived! We all know she will have a lovely time with you and your girls! Can't wait to see her adventures....Will you be teaching her Spanish?

  6. Welcome to Canada, Lunette! Can't wait to read about her adventure with Fab and the girls! And, yes, Lunette should be taught a little bit of Spanish, so she can share her adventures in other languages. :)

  7. Free at last. She will have wonderful adventures with you I'm sure Fabs. Lunette is going to have sooooo many stories to tell by the time she makes it to Tassie.

  8. The Lunette & Kate pictures just melt my heart. So glad your girls are enjoying Lunette's visit :)