Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Supper

As usual, Sundays are a day where we have supper with Bubba and Bumpa, my husband's parents. Reason number one we relocated to this beautiful place. As they have moved for a few weeks into the family camp, situated on a smaller (much warmer) lake, we headed out their way in the afternoon.


First we decided to bring a few things for supper, so we stopped downtown. While Dad was busy himself buying things, we played around town. We placed a visit to the lighthouse, which is just a look-out, but nonetheless provides with wonderful enjoyment and squeals of high-altitude terror (for me!). And let's not mention my sufferings when going up all those stairs. I'll spare you.

Finnie decided to be a kangaroo mama that day. She is very interested in all kinds of animals and their babies at the moment. Good thing she was wearing that shirt, as it has the biggest pocket in the world.

entrance to Camp...I always get so excited!

I finally made Lunette a hat, since we will be going camping she needs appropriate duds!
Living by the water, either by the Ocean or by a lake, does something very special to you. I have been trying to understand it and put it into words but I just can't. Water has always been a receptacle of energies, a transmutation agent, a cleansing and calming element. I have never lived by the water before, and I am absolutely in love. Since Lunette was born on an island, I think she is quite at home here, and you can see how happy she is when we are by the water.

The afternoon was lovely, we had as usual good food and the loveliest company. The girl went in for a little splash, and we grown-ups enjoyed the sunset. It has been a bit muggy, but we do hope that more sun comes our way, as we are planning a camping trip for Lunette. Reading her journal has told us so much about her, so we can't wait to show her another little piece of heaven in Northern Ontario.

Stay tuned for more adventures of this happy little doll.


  1. This little doll is having such an amazing journey, I can't wait to be a part of it! Must come up with some interesting things to do with her...

  2. So beautiful! Lunette's hat is adorable Fabs. She looks right at home with your family :) Hey Deb...Lunette can help you pack!

  3. I wanna trade with Lunette... :o) I am truly enjoying reading her adventures

  4. Wow! The pictures of Lunette with your girls are amazing!