Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A trip around the hood.

Packed with two little girls on their bikes, and a very excited Lunette, we went for a little bike ride around the block, to pick up a little friend who was coming to play with us. We missed her birthday a few days ago, and we wanted to treat her to a day of doll play and tea parties. She has big brothers, so she doesnt get to play like that a lot. We are happy to oblige.

Finnie selected a very fancy and flouncy kerchief for Lunette to use as protection...she looked quite funny. I dont think her Mom would approve, but she is so nice and did not say a word. She actually smiled and looked very happy the whole ride.

We stopped by the little creek to enjoy the sun, and cut a few flowers for our tea party centerpiece. The girls know all their names and they were showing Lunette what each flower was.

Back at the house, the girls decided to go and play and Lunette and I explored our yard. It is in full bloom with all sorts of wild flowers (or weeds as some people call them). I feel so lucky to share Lunette with all these wonderful women, as she is such a good little doll. There is a quietness about her, a gentleness, she resembles to me an old soul. And I love having her here with me. Joining me in my sewing room, and letting me show her my hood.

I hope you enjoyed the pics from our small day adventure. More to come!.


  1. Oh those little girls are just too cute!

    I love the picture of Lunette swinging from the branch, feet dangling and all, and of her in all those pretty flowers that match her top!

  2. Wow! I want to come and play in your neighborhood! Lunette is such a lucky girl.

  3. I love that last photo. She looks like she is just sitting back, contemplating the world. Amazingly peaceful.

  4. The picture of Lunette in the field of dandelions is a real work of art!

  5. She is actually sitting on a field full of coltsfoot ;-)

  6. Lunette looks so happy to be out of the dreaded box where she was trapped for so long. Beautiful photos Fabs